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Photography for us is stopping time to that which is being photographed. It was said, “I close my eyes for a moment and the moment is gone”. I try to keep that moment alive.

You can purchase the most expensive camera equipment, the most expensive computer and software, and you still will not have the most important piece of the puzzle, experience.  With over 30 years in the photography profession, 400 plus weddings we bring a creative eye, a sense of calmness, honesty and integrity to your most cherished day - your wedding. We have built Always Over The Top Photography on a strong foundation of repeat and referral business. With no hidden fees, hidden agendas or surprises. Even though we have had the honor to photograph over 400 weddings we still look at each and everyone with excitement. When you have the opportunity in life to do something you love - it’s never a job! We spend time creating a comfortable, open and honest relationship with you.  When you have a question, all you need to do is ask! 

Unlike many photographers, you will own all the copyrights to all photos. There is no need to get permission to create reprints or to use your photographs in any way you desire.   We shoot at the highest possible resolution and use the latest technology in digital photo manipulation.  Each photograph is carefully enhanced and corrected for lighting, color, and cropping.  With this level of control, you can expect the highest level of photographs available. 


 We would love the time to sit with you and discuss your wedding photography in detail.


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Dennis &  Nathan Steinke

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