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Photography - The all-day coverage starts as early as four hours before your ceremony up until special dances. This package covers everything from your dressing room getting ready, to the ceremony, to formal photos, the park and bar hopping. We end up at your reception for the actives from toasts to all special dances.  This is by far the most popular package I offer.


Video - Our Full Day Coverage has it all. We start with the rehearsal the night before, meet you the next morning getting your hair and makeup done. Then off to the church to capture the before, during and after ceremony memories. And we equip the groom with a wireless microphone making your vows crisp and clear. Then it’s off to bar hopping, park photos & limousine rides. Then comes the reception. The first dance, cake cutting, toasts, throwing the bouquet and garter, interviews and more. We add special effects, music of your choice making an edited 1 1/2 to 2-hour video.


Photo-Booth -  Our Photo Booth features a 23” touchscreen, commercial grade equipment, wedding photography cameras, unlimited photo-strips, scrapbook, personal attendant, a photo booth with walls or the open air photo booth - no walls. Each guest receives 4 photos and you receive 4 photos glued in a scrapbook with a note. What could be more fun!


Photo-Montage - Photo montages are very popular during the reception. You collect about 100 to 125 photos total of each of you. I put them to music and about a 10-13 minute slideshow. What a great way to show you, family and friends, how you grew up, how you met, and what life is going to be like. 


Wedding Slide Show - is different from a Photo-Montage in the fact I take between 200 and 300 of your wedding photos and make a slideshow set to the music of your choice. Which you can share with family and friends, make additional copies and give them as gifts.     


Web-Page - this is a great way to share your wedding photos. All your wedding photos are downloaded onto this web-page. They are separated into categories - Bride & Groom, Family, Ceremony, Wedding Party etc. Then you can give out the link to anyone you wish. They can go to the web-page and enjoy all your wedding photos and if they want they can order prints of any size and it will be mailed right to them. Side note: I do not get any payment from people who order prints. 


Hairdresser - Maybe you would like to capture the moments of everyone getting their hair done - I can be there.            


Rehearsal- Maybe you would like to capture the moments of your rehearsal - I can be there.          

Video Clips -  Video clips differ from an edited video. With video clips, we still video the entire wedding just as if we were going to edit the video. But with video clips, you receive only the clips. Which then if you like to can have them edited at a later date. There is no music or special effects. 


Photo Book - Photo books will come in different types and sizes. 


Photo Album 200 4x6 Prints -  I will pick out 200 or about 20% of the photos taken and get them printed in a 4x6 size with a photo album. I include photos from the entire day. 

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