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10.5 Hurs

Wouldn't it be great if you could get your entire wedding video taped for a reasonable price. There is so much going on you cannot possibly be every where at once. As your bridal party and guests enter your ceremony location, we'll be there to provide artistic indoor and outdoor video set to music. When the groom and the groomsmen are getting ready, mom and dad arrive, last minute changes where are you - hidden in another room.


When the ceremony starts it becomes a blur. Your vows, singers, readers, blessings, lighting of the unity candles, are here and gone. And we  equip the groom with a wireless microphone making your vows crisp and clear. Then, the reception, cake cutting, toasts, your first dance, father bride, mother groom dance, throwing of the bouquet, the garter, even some embarrassing moments and we can’t forget the interviews. All of this and more can be captured on video for years and years of enjoyment.

Our Full Day Coverage has it all. We start with the rehearsal the night before, meet you the next morning getting your hair and makeup done. Then off to the church to capture the before, during and after ceremony memories. Then it’s off to bar hopping, park photos & limousine rides. Then comes the reception. First dance, cake cutting, toasts, throwing the bouquet and garter, interviews and more. If you want everything this is the package you want. 


We no longer do the photo booth

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