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EXPERIENCE: - Many people are trying their hand at becoming a wedding Vendor. Be cautious and observant when deciding on whom you choose. Your big day only comes once, and you are entitled to have someone that does not bring tension, worry or anxiety. Capturing your wedding day the way you want is the first and only priority. If possible always meet the vendor face to face. If you are working with a company that has many vendors, be sure and meet the one that is coming to your wedding. And if you are meeting them on the day of your wedding -  it might be to late.


LIKABILITY: - This is one of the last things you want to say, ” My wedding photographer took great photos but... or The DJ played great music, but...” The likability of your vendor is more important then you think. They could spend hours with you,  and it’s easier if you like the person.


KNOWLEDGE: - Knowledge might seem like a simple thing. You would take for granted a wedding vendor would understand his or her equipment, their surroundings, the best time to take photos, lighting, etc. Every wedding is different, and it changes by the hour. If your wedding is outdoors and it’s really sunny or raining or windy?  What if the church is dark or very small? What happens if things are running late? Many questions need answers throughout the day. If there is knowledge - no worries. 


APPEARANCE: A Vendor should come dressed in such a way as not to draw attention to themselves. It is better to be a little overdress and underdressed.  Don’t be afraid to ask them. 


ORGANIZATION: -  How much does your wedding vendor control your day? - A photographer controls most of your day. From the time you arrive until throwing of the bouquet, your photographer should have it all laid out. Your DJ should have every minute listed from the time he or she starts. Your caterer should have everything down to the last napkin. There should be no confusion between you and your vendors. Ask for detailed timelines, then work together to come up with something that works for you. 


DEPENDABILITY: - A wedding Vendor’s thinking should be straightforward - if we are not there 30 minutes before the agreed time we are late. There is no reason for a vendor to be late unless there is a last minute emergency - a real emergency. A Vendor should be 100% honest with you at all times. If they say they can do something then they better get it done.  And be honest enough to tell if they cannot accomplish something even if it cost them the booking. 


FLEXIBILITY: - A good wedding Vendor has to be flexible. Has to be able to change in a moment, change course in the middle of the day. Your day is not about the Vendor - it is however all about you! 


PACKAGES & SERVICE: - Packages should be easy to understand. You should know the entire cost well before your wedding day. There should be no hidden charges or add on’s later. Everything should be upfront and out in the open. When it comes to cost - transparency works best. If they cannot explain their packages & service to your complete understanding, maybe you should look for a different vendor. - Get it in writing and take time to understand it completely. 


PRODUCT: - And of course the most essential feature - is the product they offer. There are a number of different style and techniques in all areas. Sometimes you might have to pay just a little more for what you want. But, don’t be fooled by the price just because it cost more doesn’t make it better

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